‘Clair S’, a Sleep Inducing White-Noise Air Purifier, Entered Indiegogo and JD.com Crowd Funding Simultaneously

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As soon as the first crowd funding of ‘Clair S’, a sleep inducing white-noise air purifier, entered the United States’ Indiegogo and China’s JD.com simultaneously, it surpassed its target value and made an incredible record including being funded quickly and so on.

In JD.com, it exceeded its goal by 200% in the first day, and in Indiegogo, it also surpassed the goal by 30% in the second day. It has entered Indiegogo on February 20th and entered JD.com on February 22nd, and will continue for a month.

With its outstanding technology, its small size so that it can be placed in every room, and its low maintenance costs, Clair that has brought innovation in air purifier once again amazes people all over the world.

A child who couldn’t sleep easily and woke up frequently for his being too sensitive, and a co-worker who couldn’t sleep well due to taking care of the child and coming to work with bloodshot eyes – A warm idea of a developer who worried about such problems created a sound therapy air purifier, ‘Clair S’, which has never existed in the world.

‘Clair S’ is an innovative product that has combined an advanced air purification function with the IoT technology and Bluetooth speaker function. It also has sounds for sleep-inducing, mediation, mind and body stability, concentration as well as a recording function.

Clair S can be controlled with the smart phone application, and can be applied to various situations such as when appreciating music in everyday life, sleep-inducing, healing, stabilizing, and concentrating for studies or work.

It has outstanding air purification ability with e2f filter of electrostatic dust-collecting method, which was patented in 27 countries. It also removes more than 99% of fine dusts which are less than 0.1μm with a safe filter that has no harmful effects on human body as well allergens and the induction substances of Sick House Syndrome. In addition, it can…

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