City receives ethics complaint from former city councilman

by Zack Hedrick, Fox San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — The city is responding to a complaint filed by a former city councilman that alleges an abuse of power by the city’s ethics auditor.

“I filed a complaint stating that the ethics auditor had violated the ethics code herself,” said Carlton Soules.

The complaint filed by Soules stems from another that was turned in by a woman back in December.

“The lady that filed it alleged that there was a conflict of interest with the bond committees,” said Soules.

She alleges committee members were using their position to get an inside track for projects they had direct interest in.

The complaint specifically cites the UTSA government affairs lobbyist playing a direct role in deciding if the city would fund a $10 million project for the college.

“That’s a violation of the ethics code,” said Soules.

“Albert Carrisalez was asked to serve on the facilities committee which he did,” said Christian Archer, spokesman for the city’s bond campaign. “Albert is a great resource. He does work for UTSA. And if Carlton Soules done the slightest bit of research, he would have realized that when it came to the vote on the UTSA funding that Albert recused himself from that vote.

Soules says about a week after the woman filed her ethics violation paperwork…

“She received a letter back from the ethics auditor stating that her case was being dismissed without ever going to the ethics review board,” said Soules.

The former councilman says dismissing cases is something the ethics auditor cannot do.

He filed his complaint because he believes other ethics violations may have been swept under the rug.

“What I don’t know is how many more there are and I think that’s something the ethics review board once they get this will need to go back and take a look at,” said Soules.

The city says that they cannot respond to a pending ethics complaint, including whether or not one has been filed.

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