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In the early morning hours of Jan. 30, 63-year-old Milpitas resident Maria Garcia Foronda was killed in a two-car wreck at the intersection of Jacklin Road and North Milpitas Boulevard on her way to work. The other driver, a woman who remains unidentified and who police say was not arrested, sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision.

Following the crash, Milpitas police told the Post that because the traffic camera at the intersection did not work they were asking residents or anyone who had passed by at the time of the crash to come forward as possible witnesses. Four weeks later, authorities have still not released details of the collision.

The lack of information about this crash has not been helped by the fact that the city-operated traffic camera in the intersection is still not working. On Feb. 10, Interim Police Chief Steve Pangelinan told this newspaper that his department has nothing to do with the traffic cameras in terms of maintenance. He added the police have been in touch with the traffic engineering department to get the traffic camera at the Jacklin Road and North Milpitas Boulevard intersection repaired.

“We don’t have video we can pull that can show us what happened at that particular accident, but I’m still confident our investigators will come to a clear determination as to what happened,” Pangelinan said.

Moreover, Pangelinan said he is working with Nina Hawk, the city’s Public Works Department director, to address the traffic…

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