Children’s crafts require small hands and fingers

You know those plastic looms sold in stores, for children to weave potholders? If you didn’t have one growing up, you probably had a friend who had one. If your friend was like mine, you actually just wove and then unwove, because their parents didn’t want to keep buying the stretchy bands. I had no memory of how long it actually took to weave an entire plastic looms worth of bands.

Last Friday, my friend and I went to the Madison Children’s Museum’s adult swim night. Held roughly every other month, adults take over the museum for a few hours. You can climb on the slides, do crafts, play games and basically have the run of the museum sans children. You have to buy a ticket, but the money gets funneled back to the museum, so it’s a great fundraiser as well.

The August theme was summer camp. There was a DIY s’mores station with a variety of candy and chocolate to top off your marshmallows (peanut butter cups are excellent substitutes for chocolate) and a capture the flag/color war hybrid where you chose a team color and collected flags for various points. I found one flag allowing me to contribute five points to the blue team’s total, although the yellow team won by a sizable margin. And what would camp be without arts and crafts time?

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