Center for Immigration Studies hypes chain migration to fit narrative

Its latest strategy is gaining traction with the Trump administration as CIS moves into a greater sphere of influence.

Amnesty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, CIS claims in its most recent report, would result in an increase in chain migration (the immigration of relatives after the initiating immigrant gains legal permanent status). Author Jessica Vaughn believes an additional 700,000 immigrants would arrive via chain migration, as DACA recipients would be able to sponsor a visa for their parent, child or spouse. Vaughn arrives at this number on the assumption that all 700,000 DACA recipients would file a petition for a parent. This is false.

DACA recipients do not currently have a path to obtain legal permanent resident status. If undocumented immigrant youth were to be granted amnesty, they would still have to wait at least eight years to become permanent residents, during that time they would not be able to sponsor any relatives. Even after gaining legal permanent resident status, they would only be able to sponsor spouses, minor children and unmarried adult children — not parents — under the Dream Act, RAC Act, and SUCCEED Act. Moreover, long backlogs for visa applicants would add, on average, seven years of wait time.

Vaughn claims that Mexico has the highest rate of chain migration. This analysis is based on outdated data from 1996 through 2000. In fact, Mexican immigrants encompass the largest percentage of Dreamers and would face the longest wait times. U.S. citizens petitioning for a visa for an adult child from Mexico, on average, wait at least 18 years. The National Foundation on American Policy additionally determined that if a U.S. citizen filed a petition for a child from Mexico in 1992, it would take 41 years for the child to be granted entry. In addition, the State Department reported a waitlist of more than 4 million close relatives of U.S. citizens and lawful residents as of November 2016. This is 3.75 million…

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