Car parts bill blocked by house committee

A bill that would end written notification to consumers about their car parts was stalled in a house committee on Friday.

A bill that would remove the notification to car owners that they’re choosing aftermarket parts, instead of parts from the manufacturer was blocked by a house committee Friday.

Supporters of the bill say requiring consumers to give written consent puts an unfair stigma on after-market parts. Opponents say the reputation is well deserved.

This bill already passed in the senate earlier this week but when Senate Bill 291 got over to the House side, it stalled.

If you have to replace parts for your car, consumers have a choice on parts straight from the manufacturer or aftermarket parts,

P.J. Huber who owns and operates C.J.’s Auto Body in Pine Bluff told Seven On Your Side on Thursday those parts can be cheaper but not always better.

“This one is cast iron. Where this one is just aluminum,” he said.

Under Arkansas law, a car owner with a vehicle under warranty has to give written consent that they understand they’re choosing aftermarket parts instead of manufacturer parts. In some cases, doing so can end their warranty.

Representative John Payton who sits on the committee and is the owner of two car dealerships says consumer should have consent of what’s going into their vehicles.

“I definitely failed to see where it could have helped the consumer,” Payton said.

Supporting and pushing for the bill’s passage was LKQ, one the largest aftermarket parts dealers in the country. They testified that requiring consumers to sign for aftermarket parts but an unfair “stigma” on their product.

“I’m telling you right now, I don’t think it’s a safety issue at all or else I wouldn’t be talking for it because I can go home and not sleep,” said a representative for LKQ

“It was referred to as a stigma of aftermarket parts and yes there is a stigma and it’s well founded by people who should know,” Payton said.

LKQ donated to at least four committee member’s…

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