California-Based Company Debuts Shiny Jet White iPhone Case To Fulfill Consumer Demand

A super thin case that turns your iPhone jet white

Customers asked for a case that turns their iPhone jet white

According to a popular study, nearly 90 percent of all iPhone owners use a protective case with their phones. Those who don’t stated they feared a case would add too much bulk to the design of their phone. Totallee, however, is on a mission to change that and ease concerns with the recent release of its latest iPhone case in jet white.

“We are very excited about the release,” stated Matt Hug, the founder of Totallee. “A couple of months ago, we released our most popular product yet, a super thin jet black iPhone case. During the last couple of months, we developed its jet white sibling and we expect it to be very popular with our customers.”

The Scarf in jet white is incredibly light and unbelievably thin to complement the iPhone’s original design. At only .02” the case feels like a second skin all while effectively protecting the phone from scratches and everyday wear. So far, the sleek design has been well received by the public.

“During the last couple of days, we have leaked some images of the new iPhone case on our social media pages and have received very positive feedback,” stated…

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