BYU football junior QB Tanner Mangum more comfortable at start of 2017 spring camp | BYU Football

Time changes everyone but for the BYU football team, there might be no one who has experienced a more dramatic transition than Cougar junior quarterback Tanner Mangum.

Monday kicked off 2017 spring camp for BYU and the difference for Mangum from 12 months ago is clear to all observers.

“He was under control and saw things,” Cougar offensive coordinator Ty Detmer said. “This time last year he had no idea where guys were lining up. Today he had much greater control of the offense. He was lining guys up and communicating really clearly. With the throws, he’s always going to make the throws. We’re happy with the first day, so now it is about moving forward and adding things as we go.”

There was also the fact that although quarterback Taysom Hill was limited in spring due to injury, Mangum knew that the then-senior would be a big part of the team.

“It’s a whole different mindset,” Detmer said. “Last year was kind of an awkward situation because Taysom Hill was sitting there but didn’t do a whole lot in spring. Tanner was getting the work but he wasn’t feeling sure of how it was going to go. You are always a little cautious to jump in and be a full-blown leader of the team with someone else sitting there who you are competing against.”

Detmer said the difference for Mangum now is visible.

“You can see the confidence level, see him taking charge,” Detmer said. “He’s moving guys around at the line of scrimmage, making sure they are lined up right. It’s a different mentality and one I’m sure he’s embraced.”

Mangum said he’s excited to get underway again.

“It was fun,” Mangum said. “It’s always a fun time to come back, put the helmets on and play football again. It’s first day, so we are still learning a lot — but we are way ahead of where we were last year. Last year we were installing…

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