Bumper orange crop leads to low prices, farmers suffer | jaipur

A bumper production of oranges in Jhalawar seems to be adding to farmers’ worries instead of making them smile. Prices of oranges have crashed. A farmer who had got ₹20 for a kilo of orange last year is selling it for ₹5-8 this year.

“A bumper production should have been good news for us. I was hoping to make a healthy profit this year. But now I am not getting a fair price,” said a farmer Shyam Singh from Haranthiya village in Bhawanimandi. Another despaired farmer, Devilal Gurjar of Pirawa region said, “Last year, we had got ₹30 a kg for our best oranges, but this year we are not getting more than ₹10 per kg.”

Due to the popularity and countrywide demand of these oranges, there is a Jhalawar Orange Mandi in Bhawanimandi. Haseeb Chaudhary, a commission agent at the mandi, said that traders from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and other states come here to buy the fruit. “This year, the average price of oranges is between ₹3 and ₹15 per kilo while the best quality of oranges is selling for ₹20 per kg. Last year, the average price was not less than ₹10 per kg and the maximum price went up to ₹40 per kg,” he said.

Another trader, Sharif Mansoori, said that the authorities had to shut the mandi for a day due to the bumper arrival of oranges.

“While orange production was around 2.5 lakh metric tonnes (MT) in 2016, the area under cultivation was 16,000 hectares in Jhalawar. The production this year is likely to…

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