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Senior Royal aides were appalled at how the Prime Minister breached protocol when she claimed to have a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in place – despite an agreement not being finalised until 17 days later. 

The details of the chaotic post-election time have been revealed in a new book, serialised by the Sunday Times. 

Fall Out: A Year of Political Mayhem by Tim Shipman unveils how the Conservative Party leader broke down in tears following widespread criticism for her failure to secure a Parliamentary majority.

It states Palace officials were annoyed with Mrs May’s speech outside Number 10, where she claimed she had “formed a government” but not that the Queen had asked her to. 

A Tory advisor told the Sunday Times the Prime Minister inadvertently misled the Queen about the status of the DUP deal because her chief aide, Gavin Williamson, only had a preliminary deal. 

The Tory advisor said: “The palace was irritated. They felt that the deal with the DUP hadn’t been done. Gavin thought he had assurances that he didn’t have.

“It is certainly true thePpalace was being given a greater sense of certainty about the deal than was accurate, because the truth is that the DUP buggered Mrs May about longer than she thought.

“They were getting more frustrated with it because they were running into Ascot and the state opening of Parliament. Because the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are so old, it’s quite difficult to have them sitting about.”

And tensions escalated when Sir Christopher Geidt, the Queen’s private secretary, was unable to get answers on the progress of the DUP deal and was left in the dark about rumours Mrs May was on the verge on resigning. 

The hold up with the DUP deal led to irritation at Mrs May’s lack of “courtesy” as the Queen’s Speech was delayed for two days. 

Sources close to the Royal Family said Prince Charles became “petulant” as he was determined to sit at his mother’s side during the Queen’s Speech instead of…

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