Brown Books Publishing Group Announces Signature Books Division

Milli Brown, CEO of Brown Books Publishing Group

We have observed a growing need and demand for coffee table books, and as a progressive company, we are uniquely positioned to provide not only a beautiful book, but a collaborative experience for those authors.

Since pioneering a New Era in Publishing® in 1994, Milli Brown and Brown Books Publishing Group have focused on one central concept—building successful relationships with authors and developing high quality, award-winning books for those who wish to retain the rights to their intellectual property.

That business model now includes the newest book division in the Brown Books family – Signature Books. The new coffee table book division features end-to-end solutions for developing, customizing and launching large format titles.

Since the company’s inception, Brown Books Publishing Group has published custom coffee table books – signature books – for corporations, sports organizations, entrepreneurs, photographers, family histories and more. These titles include the soon to be released Ten Times Chai: 180 Orthodox Synagogues of New York City by Michael J. Weinstein, Texas on Ice: Early Strides to Pro-hockey from the National Hockey League Dallas Stars, and Building…

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