“BroilKing Winsted, Connecticut – Teaming with America’s Business To Consumers Inc.”


If every American purchased one USA made product per year, the impact would be $9 billion. That creates an amazing amount of jobs for USA workers

USAB2C announces their teaming with BroilKing of Winsted, Connecticut. BroilKing locally manufactures buffet servers and griddle cookware to ease the rush of home cooking and entertaining of guests.

BroilKing (BKmfg.) is a well known manufacturer of high quality food-service equipment. BroilKing was purchased by Cadco in 1999, and has upgraded the entire product line to meet the requirements of today’s demanding home chef offering an assortment of Buffet Servers, Warming Trays, Griddles, Portable Ranges, Counter-top Convection Ovens, Food Carts and accessories. Many of their products are made in high grade stainless steel finish, as found in commercial kitchens. BroilKing’s goal is to bring to the home a similar quality as used by commercial chefs. BroilKing products are sold selectively to retailers offering quality products.

The BroilKing factory is located in the hills of Northwest Connecticut, in the town of Winsted where they remain one of the few kitchen equipment companies still manufacturing product in the United States. The BroilKing Team of employees are committed to making those products that functions well and for a long period of time.

Customers can shop for these made in USA cookware items on the USAB2C website; https://www.usab2c.com/manufacturer/american_made_kitchen_appliances

America’s Business to Consumers Inc. provides U.S. manufacturers a venue to sell products. Given a choice between American made and similar products made overseas, consumers would rather buy the American product, according to a nationally representative survey by…

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