BRIEF-Enpro Industries updates on subsidiary asbestos proceeding

Dec 19 Enpro Industries Inc

* Restructuring of Coltec Industries remains on target to be
completed by year end

* GST and coltec obtain asbestos claimant votes required for
approval of their joint plan of reorganization

* Enpro Industries – hearing on objections to joint plan and
to determine whether bankruptcy court will confirm joint plan
will commence on may 15, 2017

* Enpro Industries Inc – deadline for filing of objections
to joint plan in oldco’s anticipated chapter 11 proceeding is
expected to be march 24, 2017

* Enpro Industries – units get asbestos claimant votes
necessary for approval of consensual joint plan of
reorganization to resolve all asbestos claims

* Intends to file pre-packaged chapter 11 bankruptcy
petition at end of january 2017

* Enpro Industries Inc says anticipates that…

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