Breakfast Catering is Always a Great Idea

Whether you are having a family reunion, business conference, or golf outing — starting the day off right with a solid breakfast will make the day go a whole lot better. I often find hard to get up early in the morning to prepare for a function, even if I am looking forward to the event. Once I arrive, find parking, and go through the whole check-in procedure, I immediately go for the breakfast buffet. This is important because not only I have not had breakfast yet, but also it will probably be some time before lunch, which, with any luck, will also be catered.

The Importance of a Good Breakfast

Choosing to cater breakfast for an event is a great start, but proper execution is more important. I cannot possibly describe the amount of disappointment felt when you realize that the catered breakfast is little more than a few dry pieces of French toast and some stale bagels. In this case, my first thought is picking up breakfast somewhere else and getting back in time.

Of course, this often limits the amount of schmoozing with the other attendees, which can be either a good or a bad thing. Either way, I would gladly suffer through the awful small talk if the event’s organizers had the good nature to offer something better than unripe cantaloupe, stale muffins, and cold, brittle bacon. If your guests do not like the breakfast, they are likely to eat only a small amount, if any at all. This means an increased chance of guest becoming irritable later on, or keeling over if physical activity, like playing golf, is a part of your event.

Portability Concerns

Keep in mind functional details, such as whether tables and seating will be available. If you are offering a simple selection of muffins, juice, coffee, donuts, and other pastries, then cafe-style tables for guests to stand at might be sufficient. If you are offering a full breakfast, you should definitely provide a place for everyone to sit. You will have frustrated guests, not to mention quite a mess, if you expect everyone to eat pancakes off paper plates while standing.

In addition, consider offering things like boxed juice, granola bars, and to-go cups for coffee so that guests can bring some food with them as they move to the next portion of the gathering. This is especially a good idea if guests will need to leave the buffet area and go to a meeting room or conference hall. Whether food is allowed in these areas will vary, so be sure to check with venue management before placing your order with a breakfast caterer.

Serving an Excellent Breakfast Buffet

I have had the good fortune of enjoying many delicious catered breakfasts over the years. Golden croissants, savory biscuits and gravy, maple sausage, fresh strawberries, and perfectly executed eggs Benedict, just to name a few of the delicious buffet items I have enjoyed. Quality is king, but selection is a close second in terms of importance. If you are planning a catered breakfast, keep your guest list in mind. Is lox and cream cheese a…

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