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Editor’s note:This is the last of four stories The Citizens’ Voice ran each Sunday this month to commemorate Black History Month.

PLAINS TWP. — Sean Flynn, the principal at Solomon Plains Elementary/Junior High School, said he and his staff wanted to something a little different for Black History Month this year — something that will do more to engage students than just speeches and lectures.

Last Thursday, students got to see a laser show in the school gym with music and audio clips. Historical events, such as Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, were brought to life with laser animations in the darkened gym.

Students joined in by singing and clapping to musical classics from Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce and Michael Jackson. There was also sports imagery of Michael Jordan and Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s home-run record in 1974.

“I have seen a laser show that like, once or twice. But not how they did it, incorporating a lesson. We just had songs and lasers. It was fun, but this had a message to it,” said Hannah Chocallo, an eighth-grade student from Wilkes-Barre.

Students also appreciated the show more because of art cutbacks, she added.

“There’s a lack of art,” she said. “So I think that brightened things up a bit.”

Lovell Davis, an eighth-grade student from Wilkes-Barre, said he had never seen a laser show like that.

“I liked it because it got the message to everybody, and who doesn’t like lasers? It shows…

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