Black Eyed Peas to celebrate new graphic novel at Comic-Con

Boom Boom Pow! Are the members of Black Eyed Peas getting ready to join the cast of “The Walking Dead?”

You might think so after learning the Peas’ will be at Comic-Con in San Diego this week to celebrate their new project, “Masters of the Sun — The Zombie Chronicles.”

But names can be misleading. “The Zombie Chronicles,” in this case, refers to the Peas’ first graphic novel. It is being published by Marvel Entertainment.

Does the novel riff on the multimillion-selling Los Angeles band’s biggest hits? Will you get goosebumps reading about “My Toxic Humps,” or from learning limb-ripping ways to “Rock That Radioactive Body?”

Probably not.

According to a “Masters of the Sun — The Zombie Chronicles” press release issued Monday:

“The saga begins with the city of Los Angeles under attack by aliens, while humans are morphing into zombies. The main character, Zulu-X, who also has a penchant for hip-hop, is thrust into the middle of the action-packed adventure, fighting a nefarious ancient order with the combination of wisdom and street smarts. Blending music with comics.”

It appears that Peas’ mastermind is the driving force behind the graphic novel. The fictionalized story plot “draws upon’s personal story, and embodies real-life social allegories that include L.A. gangs, hip-hop and street dance culture.”

He collaborated on the novel with the Peas’ two other co-founding members, Taboo and Apl.De.Apl, as well as with…

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