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Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly said that the acrimony between the press and President Trump has grown into “war” that is helping neither side, nor the country. He made the comments in his opening statement Monday evening on his show.

“Critical mass has now been reached,” he began, “as the Trump administration is now denying access to certain news organizations it believes are out to get the president. So in an act of defiance, the president has announced he will not show up to this year’s White House Correspondence Dinner in April. He does however want everybody to have a good time.”

If this political controversy were a legal case, and I were the judge, I’d have to recuse myself. That’s because for the last 20 years I’ve watched the liberal media in America scorch the Fox News Channel and the media who work here, including me. The attacks are personal, relentless, and often dishonest.

Just last week after Alan Colmes passed, a far-left smear website vilified him as a weak liberal, and a calculated pawn for the network. Does it get any worse than that? No it does not. So there’s no question that if the national media does not like your politics, it will try to hurt you, even if you are deceased. Anyone denying that is a deceiver.

“Of course, the Trump administration is well aware of this,” he continued. “It knows that the media is desperately trying to link the Trump campaign to Russia. And will use anonymous sources to drive that narrative in the hope that the election will be perceived as invalid. “

“By the way, we do not, do not,” he said emphatically, “use anonymous sources here. I’ve been told plenty of bad stuff about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But without attribution, it’s not gonna be reported.”

The president also understands that certain news organizations despise him to the point that employees actually fear for their jobs if they say positive things about him. Many left-wing editors and…

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