BikaQ RSS Reader “Virus” Removal

I wrote this article to help you remove BikaQ RSS Reader. This BikaQ RSS Reader removal guide works for all Windows versions.

BikaQ RSS Reader has some unique features which make it hard to classify as a threat. It has characteristics of both a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and adware. Some users would argue that BikaQ RSS Reader is a virus, but that would be too far from the truth. This threat infects all installed browsers and changes their settings. It displays numerous ads and shows fake search results. This application is also reported to create changes to the system’s registry. For all those reasons, we can classify BikaQ RSS Reader as ad-supported software, or adware for short.

Once infected with the BikaQ RSS Reader adware, your computer will gradually slow down. This is due to the heavy CPU and RAM usage. Even though you don’t see it, this app is working on the background. The more ads you see, the more resources it consumes. It can cause your machine to freeze or crush.

You may miss the first signs that your system is infected with the BikaQ RSS Reader adware. It all starts with occasional redirection to some websites. At first it looks strange, but not that unusual. Then, as it happens more often, users get suspicions. It is very annoying when some pop-up ad interrupts your browsing. It is even more annoying and stressful, if you have work to do, but you get constantly redirected to some shabby websites.

With the BikaQ RSS Reader adware installed on your computer, pop-up ads, special offers, video ads and coupons would appear all the time. It is impossible to get five pleasant minutes of surfing the Internet without some flashy pop-up interrupting you. Soon you will see a pattern. All ads have something to do with your recent online activities. This is so because the BikaQ RSS Reader utility is spying on you. It uses the collected data to target you with ads which are specially chosen for you. It doesn’t sound very dangerous, but it hides more…

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