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People are being more open to experimenting with colour

Hair colour: METAL HEAD 

When it comes to colour this season, think futuristic. While grey was a massive trend last year, the look has been updated for autumn with a metallic silver finish.

“Clients are being more open to experimenting with colour,” says Jack Howard, hair colourist at Paul Edmonds London.

“Metallic colour is a great option as you can achieve a very soft and subtle effect or go for something very bold and iridescent such as all-over silver. This makes it very accessible, irrespective of your age. “It is a very versatile trend and that’s why it is going to be so popular. It suits all skin tones, too, you just need to find the right shade for you.”

Jack says ashy shades work well on cooler skin tones and champagne hues are great on those with a warmer complexion.

To try the trend, L’Oréal Professional Metalight service, which is available nationwide, involves having shimmering metallic highlights delicately placed for a beautiful luminous effect.

Or for a more dramatic look, the Supernova Root Smudge combines striking dark metallic grey at the roots with softer shades of silver in the lengths. 

Hair style: CHOP CHOP 

Recent research has revealed that 14 per cent of women in the UK get their hair cut shorter at the end of summer. 

“Hair can end up frazzled after the summer months due to overexposure to the sun, chlorine and other environmental factors so it is a great time to go…

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