Bad Astronomy | UK media watchdog rules Daily Mail climate science denial article was ‘significantly misleading’

Ah, sometimes there is justice in the world. A little, at least.

The UK tabloid Daily Mail has been forced to acknowledge a ruling that an article they published that was chock full o’ misleading climate science denial was, in fact, chock full of misleading climate science denial.

The article was published on February 5, 2017 and was written by David Rose, whose apparent difficulty being accurate when writing about climate change has a long history. He’s written so many error-laden articles that listing them all would be counterproductive; instead, you can search my blog to read just the ones I’ve written about.

One of Rose’s favorite topics is the so-called global warming “hiatus” or “pause” deniers like to claim started in the late 1990s. I actually call this a “faux pause” because it never happened. The warming never stopped. Despite this, in an effort to sow doubt on the science, many deniers bring this idea up at every opportunity.

To bolster the “hiatus” claim, Rose wrote the February Daily Mail article about new measurements of global sea surface temperatures, saying the data had been manipulated by scientists.

I won’t go into details here; I debunked Rose’s claims in detail right after his article came out. So did a lot of other people, including many climate scientists. His article was riddled with errors, including a graph that was incredibly misleading about the global temperature trend. The graph made it look like data from the Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was flawed (Rose’s word) and that updated UK Met Office Hadley Centre data showed lower temperatures. However, the two graphs use different baselines; that is, they use different ways of recording temperature deviations. When they’re scaled the same way the two graphs overlay very well, showing they agree that temperatures are indeed getting warmer.


After the article was published, Bob Ward — the policy and communications director at…

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