B.R.A.T. Diet – helpful or just torture

Bananas-Rice-Applesauce-and Toast

It truly is not a diet for any sane person to eat. However, I am going into week two of some stomach thing that I have acquired. No doubt from some well meaning child who simply forgot to wash their hands. Although I am in remission, I’m still immuno-suppressed and that means I catch the damnedest things. I have lost 11 pounds in two weeks, and yet I made the decision to go back to work, so I have a show going up next weekend and school starts Monday. I’m taking today off, and I’m going to try to play it easy tomorrow. But, I can’t take a day off.

The last time my stomach was this bad I was in the hospital. I was neutropenic as all hell. I had a hemorrhoid that had gotten all sorts of infected and I caught what many of us immuno-suppressed folks catch in the hospital: C-Diff.

C-Diff is like the mother of all diarrhea. From this disease, you can relieve yourself so much that you have to get something called a fecal transplant (Yes, it’s what you think it is – and I thought I had heard EVERY poop related joke training at Second City). It is not the most fun thing to have with an infected hemorrhoid.  I think that was the longest and most awful three-week stint I ever did at the hospital. My stomach was a hot-mess.

One of the many doctors I had prescribe me to go on the BRAT diet. Of course in true medical fashion, he then left the room without explaining what that was or anything. The doctor didn’t even put an order into the kitchen. So, the next morning I had the usual high fat breakfast I always had – and stomach pain GALORE. So, one of my favorite nurses, called them explicitly to make sure I had the diet.

It really is awful – you have to stick to bananas, rice applesauce and toast and of course, water. This is the simplest things that you should eat. It helps your stomach heal. Butter and oil are no-no’s. Dairy is a super no-no! But like most hospitals, they didn’t tell me how long you should do it and how to…

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