Autism- Its not a sin, its just only disorder

Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder which prevents functioning of life in a normal way, means to say it is a lifelong disorder that typically occurs in the first three of child development. The main effect of autism in anyone’s life is that it creates a disturbance on any one life social skills , communicative skills and also affect behaviors abnormally and it will create problem to a normal person.

Autism is also known as a spectrum disorder, autism is not a very rare disorder; it is third most common developmental disorder. And most of them are boys who all are affected by this disorder, also it is not an area specific disorder it is found throughout the world in families of doctors, engineers politicians even a very small auto driver’s home all have autistic children.

A child with autism may have very excellent intelligence and also they are able to attend the regular school and also can work in offices. The main difficulty comes in their life is to express himself in front of others and also they are unable to mix them self with others. The child with autism looks like the other children or may appear in more decent look but the only change is their behavior patterns and they may be happy to do repetitive tasks over a long period of time or maybe they likes to change their working dynamics and come in front of us with a very hyperactive behavior. So many autistic children may have very sensitive behavior if they touch or hear something and sometimes they did…

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