AU10TIX Expands Japanese Market Coverage with Support of The “My Card” Social Security and Tax ID Card

With coverage of Japan’s “My Card” social security and tax identification card AU10TIX enables local and international service providers a competitive customer acquisition in the lucrative Japanese financial services market.

Japan’s “My Card” social security and tax identification card is already used by a third of the Japanese population. “My card” has been introduced by the Japanese government to facilitate greater convenience to public services such as on-line application for personal information and various administrative procedures but is also used, for instance as a shopping point card. AU10TIX’s 2nd generation ID authentication and onboarding automation enables a simple “Click & Go” fully automated customer ID authentication and onboarding in online, mobile and physical channels. Such automation is desperately needed in financial services and other services where KYC regulations mandate customer identification and screening using a government issued ID facility. AU10TIX technology can help Japanese companies as well as foreign companies offer competitive services in the Japanese market at superior operating efficiency and robuster level of regulatory compliance.

“Japan is no more the ‘closed garden’ it used to be for many years for cross-border financial services providers”, says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX: “This is a vibrant, lucrative market who’s potential can now be realized at far greater ease and competitiveness than before. Just like millions all over the world, Japanese consumers can benefit from more financial and other services at greater ease and more competitive terms. AU10TIX puts its 2nd generation ID authentication and onboarding platform at the disposal of both Japanese and non-Japanese…

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