Athletic Training Locations And Services

California Athletic Training Locations & Services: A.T.L.A.S Project

“Let’s take a moment to thank Ross Oshiro, it is because of his hard work and dedication that Hawaii is the 8th state to have the ATLAS Map completed!” says Chase Paulson, District Eight Secondary Schools Committee Chair

Chase Paulson, D8 Secondary Schools Committee Chair, is on a mission this year. Thanks to Ross Oshiro, his hard work and dedication, Hawaii is now the 8th state to have the ATLAS Map completed! All of Hawaii’s black dots have been removed and/or changed to their appropriate color. Way to go Ross and Hawaii! For the rest of our district, we have some work to do. Michael Fulks and Mark D’Anza are pouring over NV as we speak. Keep up the great work! CA is a little tough but together we can make CA and NV the #9 and #10 states to completely map ATLAS.

Since the pilot-launch of the ATLAS project at the NATA symposium in St. Louis this year, the KSI team has been extremely busy working alongside the NATA Secondary School Athletic Trainers’ Committee (SSATC) to map all of the athletic training services provided at the secondary school level across the nation! “What we did was take all of the data from the Benchmark Study (funded by the…

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