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Dear Jerry:

In the early part of this millennium, my wife and I moved to the Cleveland area. We read, clipped, and coveted your consumer columns in The Plain Dealer. We always grabbed the Sunday Magazine section early so we could find your latest topic. Even the color sketches by The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s artists were totally cool. Very humorously, the artwork reflected the content of your columns. They reminded us of the old MAD Magazine caricatures (though those were black-and-white).

While the Sunday Magazine is gone from The Plain Dealer, we still follow your columns in other newspapers. We now settle for your byline photo instead of a color sketch.

At the moment, I need your advice. I have never been a morning person. My wife can attest to the fact I am an incredibly heavy sleeper. Since she leaves the house before I rise, that leaves me on my own. This is a real challenge because oversleeping is a longtime problem.

Do you have a simple solution? I need peace of mind. I don’t care how expensive it is.

_ Michael S., Parma, Ohio

Dear Michael:

There is a simple solution. It should give you peace of mind. It will be inexpensive.

Specifically, buy two loud alarm clocks. One should be battery operated. The other should be electrically operated. The battery alarm clock covers the situation where your power goes off. The electric clock covers the situation where your batteries need replacement. One does not necessarily get an advance warning when batteries are close to running their course.

One of your alarm clocks (either one) should be in the bedroom. The other should be outside the bedroom so you are required to get up and turn off the alarm.

Essentially, you can purchase “loud” alarm clocks in the usual places. That includes hardware stores, drug stores, box stores, department stores, and any retail establishments that sell very small appliances. Online, you can visit your favorite shopping Web sites (e.g.,…

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