Art Selling is an acquire skill set.

Not everyone can sell and not all selling is an art. However to have a successful career as an artist you must master the fundamentals of “Art Selling” either directly or indirectly – by hiring an advocate.

Selling art is viewed as the last step in the process for most artists. A study conduct by the Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery in Louisiana, entitled “Art Study 2006” highlighted the disconnect between the creative and business process, which has lead to an unrealistic approach of art selling. The thought of setting up at a “fair” or “festival” because people are there, will lead to high sales or putting art in a store window is going to miraculously change an art career is foolish and reminisce of the 19th century mindset. Yes! some art will be purchase however, the majority art will end up being sold below the initial offering. There is a very simple reasons art is under sold; most artists do not know how to price their work and equally are unwilling to apply the “Fundamental of art selling.” Which has resulted in the majority of artists with stagnate or faulting careers.

Selling is an acquired skill-set and a process which should not be taken for granted nor over looked. The number of unsuccessful art careers attest to the reality the fundamentals of selling art is not being applied. Even art practitioners failed to grasp the fundamentals which accounts for the numerous galley closings during the past few years. The outcome is clear artists and art businesses will…

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