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To date, nearly 100 toys have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York.

The National Toy Hall of Fame was established in 1998 and toy inductees include: soap bubbles, Rubik’s cube, rubber duck, stick (yes, because every kid plays with sticks), the cardboard box, chess, Hot Wheels toy cars, little green army men, doll house, Star Wars action figures and dominoes, among others.

Anyone can nominate a toy into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Final selections are made on the advice of a panel of judges, made up of historians, educators, and others in the field of play.

This prompted me to consider how vintage toys are repurposed into new art forms. I found some pretty interesting collaborative efforts, mainly in the areas of fashion, art and jewelry design.

Crayola crayon and colored pencil necklaces are the result of a designer using a pre-fab necklace, rope or chain link to string through a group of pre-drilled crayons or pencils to make a colorful necklace. Colored pencils also can be chopped up and strung in the manner of small scale beads to make…

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