Are there Green Closet Organizers Out There?

Integrating environmentally friendly products into households has become much easier in the past few years thanks to the growing number of products that are responsibly produced and utilize renewable materials. From appliances to furniture, environmentally sustainable household products will ensure peace of mind for you and a more natural home atmosphere. However it is now possible to also integrate “green” into your household organization, even in your own closet with a closet organizer. Here is a quick overview of the qualities to look for in a green closet organizer, including where the materials for that organizer came from and how your organizer was produced.

There are many companies out there that offer an eco-friendly, customized closet organizer option that displays the above qualities to look for in a product that claims to be “green”. It is part of a line of products that are trusted as high quality and come from one the foremost names in eco-friendly products: Roseburg Forest Products. Roseburg offers UltraBlend™ particleboard which comes from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials, guaranteed. Additionally, Roseburg integrates environmentally friendly harvesting techniques into their material acquisition, and even uses natural plant remnants to fuel their operation. 

Other “green” closet organizers are available as well. However, many come from companies that will only share that the source of their product is environmentally friendly.  Few companies are so open about the entire process that goes into completing your closet organizer. For example, closet organizers often come from forests that are considered renewable because the company will plant a tree for every one harvested from that forest. However, many times companies do not release information as to where the tree goes after it is harvested and what kind of a process—environmentally friendly or not—that it takes to produce the organizer. This means that the actual benefits…

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