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The inaugural Antidote festival is taking place at the Sydney Opera House over 2 and 3 September this year.

Building on the ground-breaking Festival of Dangerous Ideas and replacing it in 2017, Antidote seeks to combat the exhaustion people feel faced with the challenges of politics, climate change, the economy etc. It wants visitors to be inspired by its program of speakers, artists and activists to recharge, rethink, take stock and take action.

In its inaugural year, Guardian Australia is partnering with Antidote to bring you a range of talks hosted by journalists Steph Harmon, Lucy Clark, Gabrielle Jackson, Van Badham and Ben Doherty.

Guardian readers can receive 20% discount on Antidote tickets until 25 August. Purchase here.

About the Discussions

Creating Online Chaos chaired by Steph Harmon

What are the risks of internet success? Join these writers and activists as they share the joys and pitfalls of online activism.

Date: Sunday, 3 September
Time: 10:30am

The Darkest Place in the World: Ben Doherty in conversation with Yeonmi Park

Hear firsthand from Yeonmi Park about her escape from North Korea, and how world leaders have underestimated the country’s oppressive regime

Date: Sunday, 3 September
Time: 12pm

Compassion As Activism: Lucy Clark in conversation with Kirsten Shilling

The refugee crisis makes many people feel helpless but Kirstin Shirling proves one person can make a difference. Join her as she speaks about her time in France’s notorious refugee camp, The Jungle.

Date: Sunday, 3 September
Time: 1:30pm

Inglorious Empire Ben Doherty in conversation with Shashi Tharoor

In this blistering post-colonial reassessment, Shashi exposes the sins of an empire. Tracking the real story of the British in India – from the arrival of the East India Company to the end of the Raj.

Date: Sunday, 3 September
Time: 2pm

20 Years of The Vagina Monologues: Van Badham in conversation with Eve Ensler

Two decades after Eve Ensler’s play radicalised how women…

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