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Anaheim’s City Council has a shared focus to better the lives of its residents and quality of its neighborhoods. On this, there is no disagreement. Where reasonable people do disagree, however, is on how best to address the goals.

Since the Great Recession, Anaheim has not imposed any new taxes or fees on residents to maintain services. In fact, we’re expanding police services, parks and community centers, thanks in large part to revenue from the Anaheim Resort.

By contrast, cities across Orange County have increased local sales taxes, while others have implemented fees on utility, cable and trash bills — just to maintain existing city services.

Anaheim’s economic model has worked for decades. Sadly, recent discussion from the City Council dais presents a false narrative that Anaheim’s leaders must choose between investing in neighborhoods or the Anaheim Resort.

The fact remains that the two are inseparably and undeniably linked. The city can expand dedicated services to our neighborhoods because we have a thriving tourism industry. The added benefit is that Anaheim taxpayers pay less out of pocket for these vital services.

Whether an Anaheim resident ever visits Disneyland, they are touched by the role the resort district plays for our city.

Mayor Tom Tait understands this. As a councilman in 1996, he correctly voted to subsidize more than $500 million for the Anaheim Resort, which included a policy to prohibit a gate tax for 20 years, alongside more than $1 billion that was spent by Disneyland.

What was and remains the largest bond issuance in Anaheim’s history has paid our residents back with a 700 percent rate of return in funding for key services. Several of my colleagues and I voted in recent years to extend these economic policies because they have a track record of success.

For two decades now, Anaheim’s City Council has been investing those dividends in our neighborhoods in the form of new parks, libraries and public safety. Our newly…

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