Allsup Promotes Colon Cancer Discussions with Blog-a-Thon in March

Share your perspective on colon cancer in March.

If you have a personal story or professional perspective on colon cancer, and would like to submit a guest blog, contact Tai Prohaska at t.prohaska(at)allsupinc(dot)com

Despite effective screening methods and treatment options, colorectal cancer remains a significant cause of disability, according to Allsup, a national provider of Social Security Disability Insurance representation, veterans disability appeal and return-to-work services. Allsup is hosting a Blog-a-Thon for Colon Cancer throughout Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March, to raise awareness of the disease and its effect on specific populations, provide a forum for diverse perspectives, and encourage screening.

Described as the second leading cause of cancer deaths by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), colon cancer is treatable when detected early. However, fewer than half of men and women over age 50 are screened as recommended. The American Cancer Society reports that inadequate communication from healthcare providers and fear and embarrassment about screening procedures contribute to the low rates.

Sharing personal stories and the real-life impacts of colon cancer, as well as the science and…

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