Al Beralas’s Army Unit, The 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment

My father-in-law, Al Beralas (1923-2012), was one of several young men from Kauai who served as soldiers in the United States Army’s 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment during World War II.

Al told me that when I first met him at his home in Lihue in 1968, and one day in the 1980s, he shared war stories with me that he’d previously only discussed with his fellow 1st Filipino Infantry veterans.

Many years later, I wrote briefly about him, his war experiences and the 1st Filipino Infantry in an Island History story published in The Garden Island newspaper on Sept. 24, 2010, that can be read online at:

What follows is additional information about the 1st Filipino Infantry.

The 1st Filipino Infantry, comprised almost completely of men of Filipino ancestry from the Mainland U.S. and the Territory of Hawaii, began training as a battalion in California in 1943.

Prior to 1943, Filipino sugar workers in Hawaii…

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