Aeroflow Contributes Breast Pump Kits to Women at Dekalb

Aeroflow donates breast pump kits to women at Dekalb

Aeroflow today announced a partnership with breast pump manufacturer Ameda Inc. and Grady Memorial Hospital to provide breast pump kits to new mothers for use during their time at Dekalb Detention Center. The Ameda breast pump kit allows for several women to utilize a breast pump to sustain their health, as well as their baby’s, during their time at Dekalb.

Most of the women who will receive support are in Dekalb for short periods of time. The breast pump program gives mothers the opportunity to initiate and maintain lactation so that they can continue to feed their baby breast milk once reunited at home, and also helps mom and baby develop a bond through mother’s milk that they might have missed out on while separated.

“Many women at Dekalb believe they are not allowed to breastfeed, even in the hospital, but I encourage them to consider doing so – even if it’s only for a short period of time,” said Kelly Webb, RN, IBCLC, RLC, and Lactation Program Coordinator at Grady Memorial Hospital. “Access to a breast pump allows a new mother to maintain supply and remain emotionally connected to her infant.”

Generally, inmates are allowed to express and discard their milk using a manual breast pump in their cells to maintain supply and relieve engorgement. The provision of a reliable and efficient double electric breast pump will mean fewer visits to the doctor for moms who suffer from common issues like mastitis and engorgement.

The Ameda breast pump kit offers a clean, reliable pumping option with its hygienic closed system and backflow protection. Moms can use the electric pumps as needed, and, if they become engorged, the facility will have the appropriate equipment to…

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