AEC provides $575,000 Factoring and Cash Flow Advance Facility to “Asset-Light” Waste Management Company

With a relatively small financing facility, AEC made a big difference in the lifecycle of this energy efficiency company


This Company has grown to be one of the leading providers of waste management services. It services large and small retail properties, shopping malls, multifamily properties, prison complexes and construction sites. The firm audits, recommends and implements cost savings in their waste management processes and procedures. Based on their size and their ability to command competitive pricing, the business engages and manages various third party service providers through long term contracts.


Through their exclusive use of subcontractors and their unique invoicing procedures, this company was essentially locked out of the traditional factoring and ABL market. They needed a flexible solution and a firm willing to understand their business and their growth prospects. With the need to finance their growing business they turned to AEC.


Recommended by their investment banker, AEC provided the Company with an expandable $575,000 Factoring and Cash-Flow Advance Facility. Realizing that a factoring facility was simply not enough, AEC provided and additional fully funded term advance against their present and future cash flow. This unique financing structure gave the Company the working capital it needed to onboard a number of new large clients and helped maintain their dominance in their highly competitive market. AEC was able to efficiently close and fund the transaction in a matter of weeks which has allowed the company to continue its growth initiative while it continued to diversify their client base.

“AEC understands the void that exists in the traditional ABL and factoring market and…

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