Advertising Checking Bureau (ACB) Celebrates 100 Years

We may be a 100-year old company, but our mindset and service offerings are vibrant and enduring as we embark on our next 100 years.

March 5, 2017 will mark The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc.’s 100th Anniversary, crossing another milestone in the company’s history.

ACB continues to be the Industry leading provider of Co-op Advertising, Trade Promotion & Incentives Services focusing on corporate initiatives for rewarding sales representatives, retailers and consumers. ACB’s commitment to excellence remains dedicated to providing the highest quality product and innovative services to clients and prospects into its 100th year and beyond.

As ACB looks towards the next hundred years, it reflects on the first 100, remembering words from its founder, Walter B. Katzenberger:

“Opportunities are everywhere…unlimited for those who look ahead- who plan improvements in their services and products. There is always “a better way to do it” and we must continue to seek this “better way” in our service planning, selling, manufacturing, as well as in our distribution if we are to keep moving ahead.”

The dream and vision Walter B. Katzenberger had nearly one hundred years ago, thrives today at ACB. “We may be a 100-year-old company, but…

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