Abdelhak Nouri’s house attracts Ajax fans from far and wide as they pay tribute to tragic brain-damaged ace

Show of support

Young midfielder collapsed on the pitch with heart problems a week ago and suffered “permanent and severe” damage

HUNDREDS of Ajax fans gathered outside the home of Abdelhak Nouri yesterday after it was revealed the youngster has suffered “serious and permanent” brain damage.

The 20-year-old collapsed on the pitch after suffering cardiac arrhythmias during a pre-season friendly against Werder Bremen last weekend.


Fans have gathered outside Abdelhak Nouri’s house in Amsterdam

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The youngster collapsed on the pitch last weekend with heart problems

Nouri was taken to hospital and put in an induced coma as doctors rushed to save him.

But after waking up, the youngster sadly suffered brain damage due to a shortage of oxygen.

Nouri’s brother later revealed that the midfielder can’t walk, talk or even recognise his family any more.

The chance of Nouri recovering are virtually nil, but he remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds after crowds gathered in support outside his house on Saturday.

The city of Amsterdam has been left in shock after the horrendous news.

And Ajax fans packed out the road outside Nouri’s apartment, with his brother pictured at the window in tears while thanking those present for their prayers.


Nouri has suffered permanent brain damage and is not expected to recover

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Nouri’s brother appeared at the window to thank Ajax fans

Speaking on Friday, Abderrahim said: “The base of the brain is mostly damaged and is not functioning.

“According to the doctor he will never heal. He is a great guy. Everybody, the whole world, is talking great things about him.”

Sister Ghizlan added: “We keep hoping that one day all will come well with our beautiful Nouri.”

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Nouri’s father…

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