AAXA Technologies Introduces the M6

AAXA M6 Micro Projector

AAXA delivers a 1080P native resolution with its latest battery-powered micro projector, the M6, featuring a 90 minute battery, an array of connectivity and an onboard media player, ensuring anytime anywhere entertainment in HD.

AAXA Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the AAXA M6 Full HD 1080P LED Projector. The AAXA M6 LED Micro Projector is a next-generation solid-state mini projector that delivers native 1920×1080 (1080p) performance and operates on both battery and DC power. This increase in native pixel resolution is a revolutionary step from the 720P & WXGA pico projector family – made possible with an advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) imager mated to true cinema-color 30,000 Hour LEDS. The M6 produces a brilliant 1200 LED Lumen picture at a true native 1920×1080 pixel resolution.

Excellent Cinema-Level Color Quality

The M6’s direct projection of solid-state Red, Green, and Blue light enables cinema-color quality pictures through the elimination of filters or color-wheels (typically found in lamp-based projectors). The resulting picture is vibrant, sharp, and stunning. The high performance LEDs are able to produce an astounding 1200 LED Lumens of brightness, allowing 200″ movies to be projected in dark areas from a 7” x 7” x 2.1” form factor, making it unrivaled in its size to brightness ratio .

Anytime, Anywhere Battery Projection

The M6 is the first fully portable, battery-powered Pico Projector able to deliver HD cinema quality projection. The M6 features a built-in 90 minute, 30 watt, Premium Grade Lithium Ion battery. Combined with durable solid-state LEDs, the M6 is built to withstand the rigors of mobile environments. The High Performance LEDs also enable the M6 to consume very little power while operating in a small form-factor – making the M6 an ultra-portable, lightweight, anytime / anywhere projector.

Highest In Class Resolution

The M6 Full HD projector delivers true native 1080P resolution without upscaling, pixel rotation, or other gimmicks found in many of the projectors claiming 1080P performance but often employing much lower resolution imagers sometimes even just 1/10 of the claimed pixels.

Onboard Media Player, Connectivity

The M6 micro projector features an onboard media player capable of directly playing videos, pictures, and music through a USB stick or micro TF card. With an onboard speaker and battery, the M6 is a true all-in-one entertainment projector. Additional connectivity features includes HDMI compatibility, VGA connector, AV port, and 3.5mm headphone port.

Speaker Upgrade for Portable Theater Use

The M6 allows for a speaker upgrade that replaces the existing battery pack with a premium speaker system for…

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