A guy with no publishing experience tried to mansplain writing to a writer, and she trolled TF out of him

If you’re a woman who has ever interacted with a man, chances are you’ve been mansplained to. Hell, in all likelihood, you were mansplained to earlier today. You may have even been mansplained to just now when your BF asked you what you were reading and you told him you were reading an article about mansplaining.

It seems that no matter who are you or what you do, there’s no escaping the eye roll-inducing phenomenon of men talking condescendingly to women about things they may know little to nothing about. But when a guy with no publishing experience tried to mansplain writing to writer Lara B. Sharp, she took to Facebook to teach him a thing or two.

About a week ago, New York-based writer Sharp was hanging poolside, minding her own damn business, and catching up on some essential feminist reading (Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things To Me, ‘natch), when some random dude (who Lara later identifies as “John”) approached her and asked her what she was reading.


Him: What’s it called?

Me: Men Explain Things to Me, by Rebecca Solnit.

H: What’s it about?

M: It’s a book about how men explain things to women and…

H: Oh, so it’s a book about men mentoring women!

You hear that? That’s the sound of millions of women around the world smacking their foreheads in unison.

Today’s Poolside Book… Hopefully THIS Title will keep ‘Friendly People’ of all persuasions… AWAY FROM ME. Sadly, I don’t have a book called ‘The Bitch by the POOL’, so this will have to do. 😈‼️

Posted by Lara B. Sharp on Thursday, August 3, 2017

After repeatedly referring to Lara as “young lady” (each time, she reminds him she is 47 years old), the man made some blatantly sexist assumptions about her and her writing, including this gem of an exchange:

H: What do you do, young lady? Do you work, or have kids?

M: Umm, I write…

H: Who do you write for, young lady? Women’s magazines?… What genre, young lady?

M: Memoir, mostly.


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