8 reasons there’s no such thing as a free conference ticket

Ever since we’ve started organizing a conference back in 2006 we’ve been getting requests for free tickets. It starts as soon as we announce our event, and then the requests increase as we get closer to the conference date.

I don’t blame people for asking for something free, I really don’t. You can always give it a try, and if you don’t ask, you don’t know.

But it does get tiring having to explain exactly why there’s no free ticket available. Now instead of having to write a long email I can just share this post.

The eight reasons I will list here are valid for any other product as well, including your own. Feel free to copy/paste the text and apply it to your own products.

1. Free has no value (so buy a ticket)

In our experience, people who get a free ticket don’t show up, and if they do, they don’t really invest time and effort into making it a great event.

At our second and third event we decided to give 20 people a free ticket, because they asked for one. Only two showed up. They showed up late and left early.

If you pay for a ticket you will feel like making an investment and you will want to get a return on your investment. That means showing up on time, talking to speakers, going to the parties and making new friends and connecting to new business partners.

2. A ticket should earn itself back, tenfold (so buy a ticket)

Our events are inspiring, offer amazing networking opportunities and should help you get ahead with your career or your startup. I know entrepreneurs who raise funding, meet journalists that cover them and meet partners they do business with. Some entrepreneurs meet companies that end up acquiring their startups.

Think about what you want to achieve and how much that would be worth to you and the few hundred euros for the tickets should pale in comparison. If it doesn’t then why would you even consider coming?

3. Save yourself a bunch of trips (so buy a ticket)

Based in Europe? How much…

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