710 ESPN Seattle on Seahawks’ loss to Titans

Marcus Mariota and the Titans scored three touchdowns in the third quarter. (AP)

As we do after each Seahawks game, we have compiled the instant reactions of 710 ESPN Seattle’s show hosts on Seattle’s 33-27 loss to the Titans. Here’s what they have to say:

Gee Scott

The Titans remind me of the 2012 Seahawks: new kids on the block. Great run game, good defense and they play with a lot of emotion. They just moved to the neighborhood and want to tell the top kid that they want some respect. Marcus Mariota wants everybody to know that he’s for real. The days of teams being afraid of the Seahawks are on hold at this time. Only three games have been played so the Seahawks still have time to get back on course. The defense didn’t have a good game, and the offense was slow to start, but it ended the game OK. Well, “OK” isn’t the answer the Seahawks need to meet the expectations that so many have for this team. When you’re the 2017 Seahawks, you don’t get many excuses. You just go out there and do it! It’s now time for the Seahawks to come home to find their identity against the Colts.

Bob Stelton of Bob, Groz and Tom

Roles were reversed this week in the sense that the defense was on the field for too long on a very hot and humid day in Tennessee. Only this time, the majority of the fault falls on their shoulders. Penalties were killers in allowing the Titans to sustain drives. The Titans had four first downs in the first half that came off of penalties. And for the second week in a row the Seahawks allowed a 100-yard rusher. Throw in some really poor tackling and you end up with a bad day, allowing 33 points and over 400 yards of offense. The…

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