6 movies open May 19; here’s how they rate

Here’s what’s happening on the movie scene in Seattle during the week of May 19.

Six movies land in Seattle-area theaters during the week of May 19. Here’s what our reviewers thought of some of them.


★★★  “Alien: Covenant” (R): Ridley Scott’s latest is a direct sequel of his 2012 sci-fi epic “Prometheus,” set 10 years after the events of that picture. But it’s the first cousin of the movie that started it all, his 1979 masterwork “Alien.” Same haunted-house feel. Same basic plot of a massive spaceship lured to an uncharted planet. Same sort of doughty heroine. It’s all “Alien Classic,” only with more victims. More aliens. More blood. Full review.

— Soren Andersen, Special to The Seattle Times

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★★★  “Fight for Space” (not rated; suitable for general audiences): This equally electrifying and agonizing documentary reminds us that the realization of President Kennedy’s plans for early space travel is now a distant memory, and our government has not since found the will or means to build upon it. Full review.

— Tom Keogh, Special to The Seattle Times


★★★  “The Lovers” (R): It’s Debra Winger who really brings the color to this movie, playing a long-married woman juggling a husband (Tracy Letts) and a lover (Aidan Gillen) and wondering how to tell her son (Tyler Ross) that his parents are splitting up. She creates a woman filled with disappointment and passion and wit, taking a small-scale comedy of manners to a darker, richer place. Full review.

— Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times arts critic


★★  “Everything, Everything” (PG-13): Based on a popular young-adult novel, “Everything, Everything” tells what happens when an ill 18-year-old girl in a bubble (Amandla Stenberg) meets the literal Boy Next Door (Nick Robinson). Full review.

— Moira Macdonald


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