5 Stephen King movies that need to be rebooted correctly

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With the upcoming release of Stephen King’s IT already being hailed as one of the most anticipated releases/reboots of the year, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear people asking, which of King’s stories will be rebooted next? Although, skepticism around reboots, as of late, has us questioning whether or not King’s best stories will ever be rebooted.

Even though a reboot of a classic King story sounds like a good idea, not every reboot turns out to be the best thing for the property. Sometimes, a reboot can’t measure up to the original, leading to many fans being disappointed, along with those reboots failing to draw in new crowds.

It’s not even after the movie premieres that audiences show disappointment. Backlash from fans can begin as early as word of a reboot happening drops. The good news is that IT seems to be proving those claims wrong and is giving us hope for more King based reboots.

With IT nearing its release date, and talks for a Pet Semetary reboot in the beginning stages as well, there’s a good chance more King movies will be developed soon after. The early reviews of IT are also saying it’s amazing and terrifying at the same time, so the likelihood of more King movies being rebooted is quite high, considering all the positive things being said about IT. Now, it may be too early to tell, but as long as the directors of any potential reboots get the story right, other King properties can still be rebooted, despite the failure of the Dark Tower.

As far as reboots go, any of King’s stories which have already been made into movies could be perfect for a modern day revision, with the exception of one or two that just wouldn’t appeal to today’s audiences. That said, an argument can be made for any of King’s stories to be next in line for the reboot treatment, these being the five most feasible.

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