4 Eco Services Inc., Announces Strategic Partnership in KC Area with Environmental Water Systems (EWS, Inc.)

4 Eco Services has partnered with Environmental Water Systems (EWS, Inc.)

4 Eco Services is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled service and exceptional value, providing EWS is just an extension of that philosophy

4 Eco Services is the first and only plumbing and HVAC provider in the Kansas City area certified by Environmental Water Systems as experts in installation and service of their high-end filtration appliances. “EWS is thrilled to be associated with 4 Eco Services,” says Mark Truncale, Vice President of Environmental Water Systems. “Like EWS, 4 Eco Services is dedicated to providing top quality product and exceptional customer service”. “EWS makes the best filtration products on the market today,” says Ian Williams, General Manager of 4 Eco. “For us, there was no other choice. EWS is a company with a proven track record of top product performance, quality engineering, and customer satisfaction. Their product line is completely dedicated to water filtration. They are focused on investing and improving their product line, producing a cutting-edge appliance for the homeowner.”

Environmental Water Systems has been a proven leader in Whole Home Water Filtration for 30 years. EWS was chosen as the exclusive water filtration for the 2011 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) New American Showcase Home, showcased by numerous publications, and is available in over 700 kitchen and bath showrooms in the United States.

With today’s city tap water containing chlorine or chloramine (a toxic chlorine-ammonia compound that is lethal to marine life and corrosive to pipes and appliances), pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, obesogens, and more, we are putting ourselves at risk for…

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