3D Wire Offers Up-Close Look At Spain’s Surging Animation Industry

3D Wire has not only brought everyone together, but fast-tracked the professionalization of the country’s industry. The event is a key place to exchange information about the state of the industry in Spain, create partnerships between companies, and to discover the most interesting new projects being developed in the country of 46 million people. The event is a clearinghouse for all things animated: features, tv series, short films, videogames, transmedia, and online projects.

Farias and his team work year-round gathering data on the Spanish animation industry and promoting Spanish animation abroad. The work they’ve done has had a galvanizing effect on Spain’s animation industry, proving to the international animation community that the country is ready for business, while convincing Spanish talent that has left to work abroad that they may want to take another look at returning home.

Despite the growth though, Farias says that the biggest challenge for Spanish producers remains financing. “Even though Spain has a lot of animation production in comparison with other European countries, we have few grants from the government and few tax shelters that really help us develop and make co-productions.”

He further explains: “When you start to make a project and share [resources] between countries, [funders] always ask you two or three things: Do you have your national broadcasters involved in the project? Do you have tax shelters or any grants from the government? And what is your talent? For the last question, it’s no problem for Spain because there are a lot of talented and experienced people here. But we have problems with the financing and tax shelters.”

3D Wire 2017 poster by Nacho Rodriguez.

The situation is changing though: Farias points out that there are two Spanish regions – the Canary Islands and Navarra – that now offer tax shelters for the animation industry, making them an attractive option for producers.

Farias is optimistic that the…

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