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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Leak Shows: Hollywood Cybersecurity Lives and Dies With Third-Party Vendors

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

“Third-party vendors have been a problem for a long time and will continue to be in the future,” said PwC principal Mark Lobel during an interview with Variety Saturday. Lobel declined to specifically comment on this weekend’s Netflix leak, which appears to be based on a security breach at Larson Studios, an audio post-production company that has also been working on shows like “Fargo,” “Designated Survivor” and “NCIS Los Angeles.” But he argued that security for third-party vendors continues to be a weak link for Hollywood. The big Hollywood studios in particular have put a lot of efforts into improving […] Read More →

Captain Comics: Who’s who in ‘Guardians’ 2 – Entertainment & Life – Charleston Express

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

By Andrew A. Smith The proudly quirky Guardians of the Galaxy return for “Vol. 2” on Friday, doing what they do best: Taking second-tier Marvel Comics characters and making them awesome. Yes, Star Lord and the rest will also save the galaxy, resurrect 1980s tunes and share a lot of awkward moments. But there’s no shortage of new second bananas appearing in this movie, all vying for a Cosmic Makeover: Ego the Living Planet Thor first met Ego in the “Black Galaxy” in 1966, in the company of the Rigellian Recorder, an android who, uh, records things. I can’t […] Read More →

The Added benefits Of A Herman Miller Ergonomic Chair by Daniele Adams

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

The Herman Miller ergonomic chair is a wonderful innovation constructed to make existence simpler when sitting. Ergonomic is a phrase synonymous with Herman Miller who has revolutionized the way we sit at desks and computers. Ergonomics is the review of interaction in between humans and the surroundings they are applying. By studying this, we can learn how to make it a much better partnership introducing relaxed or worry-free of charge furnishings that will make life and perform considerably much easier. Herman Miller has been in the subject of ergonomics for some considerable time so this business understands a factor or […] Read More →

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