2017 Academy Awards Show Review: Best Picture Mistake Taints Good Show

An unprecedented Best Picture mistake tonight took the shine off one of the best Oscars in recent years. The 89th Academy Awards initially handed the big win to La La Land, though Moonlight was the actual victor.

“This is very unfortunate what happened,” host Jimmy Kimmel saidafter the fiasco from a packed stage at the Dolby Theatre to a shocked crowd in front of him and millions watching on TV. “Personally I blame Steve Harvey for this,” he added to tight laughs in a reference to the gaffe the daytime talk show host made in late 2o15 announcing the wrong winner at the Miss Universe contest.

Jokes aside, presenter Warren Beatty’s obvious confusion on-air and co-presenter Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong winner came out of seeing Emma Stone’s name on the card in the envelope, the Oscar-winning Reds director explained as turmoil unfolded. That seems to indicate that he was handed an envelope for the Best Actress category not Best Picture as he and his Bonnie and Clyde co-star walked onstage.

“Well, I don’t know what happened — I blame myself for this,” Kimmel himself said on-air minutes later in trying to salvage things after Moonlight’s cast and creatives accepted the award that was rightfully theirs. “Let’s remember, it’s just an awards show,” he added meekly. “I knew I would screw this show up, I really did,” Kimmel went on to say for an error that clearly wasn’t his fault. “Thank you for watching I’m back tomorrow night on my regular show. I promise I’ll never come back.”

If the Oscars as a whole can wipe the egg off its collective face, the blameless Kimmel should be back. Coming off a very strong stint fronting the Emmys last year, the nimble ABC late-night host tonight found the right balance and tone from the get-go in his inaugural Academy Awards frontman role. However, in that Best Picture error, Hollywood’s big night just handed its critics like…

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