10 Reasons Third-Child Parenting Is The Parenting Style We’ve Been Waiting For

Apparently there’s this thing called third-child parenting that I’ve fallen ass backwards into. If you know anything about my parenting journey you likely know that I seem to fall into accidental parenting techniques all the time. Which actually might mean I’ve always been a third-child parenting person, come to think about it. Either way, if you’re a mom looking to feel more confident, consider the reasons third-child parenting is the parenting style you should try. In fact, I’ll take it one step further and say third-child parenting is the parenting style we’ve all been waiting for.

Not surprisingly, I’d never heard of this style of parenting until reading Mia Freedman’s article. She does a great job explaining what my life already looks like. You see, dear reader, I have (you guessed it) three kids. I love my kids to the moon and back, of course, but having three children running around, a business, three freelancing gigs, and serving on two organizational boards doesn’t really leave a whole heck of a lot of time to get all hot, bothered, and attached to my parenting style. That, apparently, is third-child parenting. Freedman likens this style to “benevolent neglect.”

What I’ve found is when I stop being so uptight and controlling about everything I have more fun and, most importantly, so do my kids. That, and all these other reasons, makes third-child parenting style the one all parents should try:

Because There’s More Time For Living

Courtesy Reaca Pearl

My accidental shift to third-child parenting has made me realize that when you stop worrying about everything so obsessively all the time, you actually have time to live. I mean, living in this life with my children — as opposed to tailoring their experience — is really what I wanted when I had children anyway. So, when you’re a third-child parenting person, everyone wins.

Because There’s Less Stress

If I’m being honest I must admit that us moms can sure sweat the small stuff like nobody’s business….

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