10 political cartoons on Donald Trump Jr., Russia and health care

While politicians, pundits and reporters struggle to draw a line between President Donald Trump and Russia, cartoonists have no problem sketching out their relationship.

Just last week, Donald Trump Jr. posted an email exchange on Twitter between himself and a music publicist who wanted him to meet with a “Russian government attorney” to discuss Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. said he posted the emails online in an effort “to be totally transparent” about some of his dealings, but others believe the emails show that the Trumps were working with the Russian government in an attempt to learn some information about Hillary Clinton that could damage her reputation, the Associated Press reported.

“The messages were the latest disclosure to roil the ongoing investigation into potential coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia, which U.S. intelligence agencies have said sought to influence the outcome of the election in Trump’s favor,” the Associated Press wrote.

The event sparked debate on both sides of the aisle about whether or not Trump Jr. was colluding with the Russian government to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton, and whether or not the revelations Trump Jr. could have received were worth it.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s “Hardball” specifically called out the state of Utah, saying that he believes Utahns would have expressed more outrage over this situation if it were reversed.

“You said that people out in the country aren’t focusing on this,” Matthews said on “Hardball,” according to the Deseret News. “I understand there’s still a lot of attitude against the establishment. But if this were Chelsea and Hillary involved in this, you don’t think that that crowd out there in Ted Cruz country, in Utah, southern South Dakota, and those other countries represented there —…

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